Primo Margaritas specializes in bartending & frozen drinks! The name itself "Primo" represents our delicious top quality frozen drinks we can provide at your event to make it extra unique! We understand the importance to serve mind-blowing drinks to our guest! Primo Margaritas can easily provide frozen drink machines at your event hassle free, and we can also help you create signature cocktails for you event according to your theme party! 

Frozen Drink Machine Rental                                                                                 $325.00 plus tax

Double Barrel (one-day rental)                                                                 

  • Includes two flavor mixes 

  • Straws, beverage napkins, & 100 of  8oz cups

  • Margarita salt (included for margarita mixes)

  • Heavy duty cart with black skirting & 25ft extension cord 

  • Full set-up & delivery is included for most Tulsa areas

  • Additional fee will apply for out of town delivery, holidays or late night pick-ups 


Frozen Drink Machine Rental                                                                                   $260.00 plus tax
Single Barrel (one-day rental)                                                                                                

  • Includes one flavor mix 

  • Straws, beverage napkins, & 50 of  8oz cups

  • Margarita salt (included for margarita mixes)

  • Heavy duty cart with black skirting & 25ft extension cord 

  • Full set-up & delivery is included for most Tulsa areas

  • Additional fee will apply for out of town delivery,  holidays or late night pick-up


Primo's Frozen Flavors 
Frozen drinks are delicious, fun and are a must have for next event! Frozen cocktails are a perfect way to refresh your guest! We have the ability to make frozen adult beverages like Margaritas, Piña Coladas, Daiquiris, Peach Bellini's, and even Kids Slushies!

Margaritas or Daiquiris:

  • Classic Lime 

  • Strawberry

  • Mango 

  • Peach 

Other popular flavors:

  • Piña Colada

  • Peach Bellini

  • Cola 

Kids Favorite Slushies:

  • Lemonade

  • Blue Raspberry

  • Tropical Punch

  • Green Apple

Refill Supplies ​  single barrel refill

  • Frozen mix refill $50.00/barrel

  • extra 50  (8oz cups), straws $10.00

RAdditional Toppings/Rim

  • Tajin $7.50  

  • Chamoy $5.00

  • Tamrind Candy Stick $15.00/jar

  • Chamoy Rim Dip  $15.00/container

  • Marchino Cherries $15.00/large jar

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I reserve and pay for machine rental?

Please fill out booking form and give 1-2 days to respond back or give us a call directly

We recommend for full payment to paid in advance, but we require at least a deposit of $50.00 non refundable fee  to reserve machine (remaining balance is due at delivery time). We accept cash, check, or  credit card with a 3 % convenice fee)

Additional delivery services.

  • Our prices are based for most Tulsa Areas, fee will apply for some Tulsa location

  • Same Late night pick-up service can only be offered if we are available and require a late night pick-up fee of $100.00 

  • Flight of stairs or difficult deliveries will require advance notice and require extra fee for delivery

Does Primo Margaritas supply alcohol?   

​No, we do not supply any liquor or alcoholic beverages

How much alcohol will I need?

Margaritas: 1+liter of silver tequila & 0.5 liters of triple sec (per barrel)

Daiquiri: 1+ liters of light rum (per barrel)

Piña Colada:  1.5 liter of Malibu coconut rum & 0.5 liter spiced/light rum (per barrel)

How much drinks does each mix/barrel produce?

After adding your alcohol into our delicious mix, you be able to get about 45+ 8oz servings per barrel , a double barrel machine will serve up two flavors mixes/barrels with a total of 90+ 8oz servings.

Who set-up machine?

Primo Margaritas will deliver machine on a roller cart in set-up at your designated area.  We will add your alcohol to the mix and set-up first batch for you.

How long will take for machine to freeze the mix?  (machine is designed to operate inside )

Depends on few factors  (1-2 hours)

Do I need Ice?

No ice is needed as machine is design to freeze mix for you

Do you provide different flavors not listed?

Yes, if we are able to find what you are looking we would be glad to provide it for you with time

Could make pick-up or delivery myself?

No,  at this time Primo Margaritas will have to make all delivery/pick-up

Do you rent frozen drink machine longer than one day?

Yes, We are able to provide frozen machine rental for longer time if needed. We can also supply machine rental to business. Reach out to us for pricing.